DIY Lightbox

While many people dread the long, cold dark evenings of late autumn and winter, we can’t wait. It gives us much more time for playing with glowsticks, blacklight and lightboxes.
The kids had played with lightboxes at the local dinosaur museum and just loved them, however at least £40 each it was something we just couldn’t justify, even if the three children shared one. So if we can’t buy one we’ll just have to build one ourselves. Actually we built THREE, and still for less money than one would cost to buy. No wiring, carpentry or glass, just cheap and easily available materials. Here’s what we used:
Plastic Storage Box with Lid (£4)
6 Push On LED’s (2 for £1)
Grease proof paper (£1.50 for 20m but we had some in the cupboard) and some Black Paper.
We simply lined the sides of the storage box with the black paper and the bottom with the grease proof. We had to tape the grease proof in place to get a good, smooth covering.AgfaPhoto
The lights sit on the inside of the lid, which is now the bottom of the lightbox and the box is placed on top. There you have it, a great sized lightbox for dark evenings for around £10. Now the fun can begin!
AgfaPhoto AgfaPhoto AgfaPhoto

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