Emergency Boredom Reliever

Also known as “Busy Bags”.
We’ve all been there, you’re sat in a cafe waiting for your kids meals to arrive on plates that are far too hot for them. The place is busy, the children are bored of waiting and the cutlery is migrating around the table and onto the floor. Hey it’s not the childrens fault, how often do they usually wait half an hour for food? Not often. Anyway we carry around our busy bags. Simple fun games and activities to help the kids pass the time. Each one different, engaging and portable.
Now I also mentioned the word “portable”. We keep each activity in see through cosmetic bags like the one pictured above. We can carry a few around in the change bag so they are always handy when out and about, and you can get two for £1 in a notable high street pound shop. You could also use pencil cases etc, whatever is handy, available and cheap. We have about 15 of them at the moment so there are plenty of different ways to fill them. We’ll post more Busy Bags in the future but please feel free to share your ideas with us.

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