Mashed Potato Madness

Isaac  was having great fun playing with some packs of dehydrated mashed potato (smash). He was pouring it through funnels and making mounds and generally throwing it about. He decided that it was like playing with warm dry snowflakes but was a bit annoyed that the flakes wouldn’t stick together to make a snowman.

So the next day we added the water to the mix. Isaac loved mixing it all up and getting rather messy. He got out his Polar Bears and built a polar landscape out of the mashed potato and played with his plastic animals for ages. The excitment got a bit much for him and he had to get into this little world he had created.

The following day we used poster paint to colour the potato blue and yellow and Isaac played happily for an hour or so, putting it in pots, squashing and squeezing it and mixing the colours up. Once he worked out that mixing the blue and yellow made green mash he built a dinosaur island with a beach and the sea and played on until it was time for the school run.


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