Homemade Snow Shakers

I heard a statistic on the radio the other day which said that the item most confiscated at airport security checks was in fact the humble snow shaker. (Apparently due to the liquid inside them). So don’t buy them and risk loosing them at the security desk, just buy a simple figurine and make your own Snow Globe.

You will need: Jam Jar with screw top lid, some glitter, some glycerine/washing up liquid, a plastic milk top and a plastic toy.

First glue the plastic figure/toy to the inside of the jam jar lid. You may need to glue the figure to the milk top first to give a bit more height. *CAUTION: The glue seems to take forever to dry so you may wish to do this as prep a couple of days earlier.


Take your Jam Jar and add 1 tablespoon glycerine or the SINGLE drop of washing up liquid. Then half fill the jam jar with water. Add as much glitter as you like!  Close the lid and shake up then fill the jam jar to the top with water. Run a bead of superglue around the inside of the lid to help it stay secure.

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