Match the Dots

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Take some coloured craft foam, red, green and blue, and cut out 2 squares and 3 circles from each. Make the circles a bit smaller so the “dots” can sit on top of the foam. Stick a foam dot of each colour onto a square of foam, this is now the game board. Make a die by sticking the square bits of foam to a spare building block (they won’t notice, honest!). 2 squares of each colour will make a complete die. The dots are simply the lids off plastic milk bottles. This does mean you’ll need to drink awful red (skimmed) milk for a couple of days but we all have to make sacrifices for the children from time to time.

To play you simply roll the dice and collect the matching coloured milk top. When the older kids play we have to roll the colour of our game board before we start collecting the dots. We stuck with just 3 dots per board to keep the set smaller and portable in one of our busy bags but you can make the boards as big as you like.


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