Massive Chocolate Nest

We needed something present the many, many chocolate eggs the children have recieved for Easter this year so what better than MORE chocolate. The kids have given up all sweets for Lent and have done really well, Lilly even went to a birthday party and refused to have any Jelly Beans, that’s commitment to a cause!.

Anyway, you need to make a mould from a round cardboard pizza base, cereal boxes and greaseproof paper to house the nest while it sets. Once you have done that, hand the children an apron, a rolling pin, a box of Shredded Wheat and several bars of basics chocolate (we used 3 bars of milk and 3 bars of dark choc at 35p each). The rolling pin is used to batter the life out of the chocolate (which is then melted and stirred together) and the Shredded Wheat which is then added to the chocolate and mixed up. The aprons are really only for appearances as they will get covered in chocolate regardless.

Once the mixture is ready, spoon it into the mould and press it into the shape. Then put it in the fridge to set. After a couple of hours you can place the Easter Eggs into the nest ready to be devoured at breakfast on Easter Sunday.

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