Hubba Bubba Play Dough

It smells and looks like Hubba Bubba and its very easy to make!

You will need

2 cups of flour,

1 cup of salt,

2 tbsp of cream of tartar,

2 tbsp of oil,

2 cups of boiling water,

Red powdered food colouring,

1 packet of strawberry whip.

Mix all the dry ingredients together then add the oil. Boil the kettle and add a small amount of powdered food colouring to the water. Stir the red water into the dry ingredients. This will look like a gloopy mess but do not panic! Go and do one of the hundreds of other things you have to do while the dough cools and firms up. When it is cool give it a good knead and its ready to be played with!

We went on a red hunt for things to go with our play dough

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Isaac made a very hairy caterpillar that ate everything and became huge!

Keep your Hubba Bubba dough in an air tight container, ours is still soft after a month of play!


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  1. Sounds fab Hazel ~ I’d like to make some, even though I haven’t got any kids! 😉


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