Making Modern Art!

Hooray for the holidays! Finally a sunny day so we took the mess outside!


We took out some interesting pieces of polystyrene we have been saving for ages. Also some things to stick in the polystyrene, bamboo and cocktail sticks, pipe cleaners and spaghetti. As well as some things to thread on the things to stick! pony beads and pasta. Some string and finally cupcake trays filled with poster paint

This kept them very busy for ages I had a whole cup of hot tea!

Isaac had great fun sticking and threading he made an ice cream machine

Evan made a mad scientist experiment (we are still recording the time it takes for the paint to dry that he filled the holes in the polystrene with!)

Lil made campfires with rings around them one hot, one frozen and one normal!

When they finally dry we will turn our hallway into a modern art exhibit and mount them on the wall!

For more fabulous paint ideas to do this holiday check out my book! It has over 150 activities for only £1.49!


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