Don’t Play With Your Food

Mashed Potato Madness - Isaac ¬†was having great fun playing with some packs of dehydrated mashed potato (smash). He was pouring it through funnels and making mounds and generally throwing it about. He decided that it was like playing with warm dry snowflakes but was a bit annoyed that the flakes wouldn’t stick together to make a snowman. So...
Edible Jewellery - Remeber the candy necklaces and bracelets we used to get. It was great fun firing the sweets off the elastic, straight at your brother wasn’t it? Well, we make our own now. They’re not quite as “pingy” as the bought ones but the children still love making them. Take a bag of strawberry or cola...
Massive Chocolate Nest - We needed something present the many, many chocolate eggs the children have recieved for Easter this year so what better than MORE chocolate. The kids have given up all sweets for Lent and have done really well, Lilly even went to a birthday party and refused to have any Jelly Beans, that’s commitment to a...

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