Shaving Foam Wall Art - Squirt a load of value shaving foam into a bowl and add your choice of poster paints. We taped some wallpaper lining paper onto the hallway wall (the one Daddy had redecorated a week ago!) and let the kids paint with the now coloured shaving foam. While they were at it they went outside and...
Egg Painting – The Messy Way - When most people think of egg painting, it’s a rather sedate activity where you delicately and precisley decorate a hard boiled egg for an event such as Easter. We, however see it as an opportunity for messy play. We got some plastic eggs from the local pound shop, ones which can be separated at the...
Conker roll art - We love autumn, lovely crisp days and the leaves changing colour! Isaac and I collected some conkers on our walk and thought we’d do some painting with them! We put some autumn colours into a cupcake tray and masking taped some autumn coloured paper into a tray. Isaac then put the conkers in the paint...
Autumn tree art - We have made a tree! I masking taped some wallpaper liner to the wall. We made a tree shape with doubled sided tape stuck on some twigs, our paper from conker roll art cut into leaf shapes and filled in the trunk with bark rubbings.

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