Rice and Socks - You can get 1kg of rice from most supermarkets for about 40p. Alright, its not the best rice for eating (very starchy) but its ideal for the sensory tub and the children would much rather play with it than eat it most days. Pour a couple of bags of rice into the tub and let...
St Valentines Rice - February 14th, the day for love. Or in our house another excuse for messy fun. We made up some some strawberry scented rice for the sensory bin by adding some strawberry food flavouring (water based) to some red powdered food colouring and mixing it with the cheap long grain rice . You have to be...
Springtime Rice - If you enjoyed our St Valentines Rice activity, here’s a variation on the theme for you. Using green powdered food colouring and a little water colour your rice. Then mix in some peppermint essence. Again be careful not to get it too wet while mixing or it will take an age to dry and be...
St George’s Day Rice - This is a simple variation on the rice play theme. We added a bag of plain rice to our strawberry rice┬áto get the colour scheme right. Then the children made a castle from a cereal box, turrets from loo rolls and flags from paper and lolly sticks. We added a toy dragon, some Duplo people...
Christmas rice - We are starting to feel a little bit christmassy so we decided to make some christmas rice! We dyed our rice yellow with some powdered food colouring and a little bit of water mixed it well and left it to dry overnight. I added it to our sensory bin, stirred in some mixed spice to...

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